I’ve decided to dedicate this page specifically to Mist Rock, a fantasy series that I’ve been working on. If you follow my blog, you’ll see updates from time to time, whether they be excerpts, opinion pieces etc. This page, on the other hand, is going to be the place readers can get started.

The eponymous “Mist Rock” is the capital city of the realm of Kraken, an island illustrated in the map sketched below. Nestled into a fold in the Carragil Mountain, the city is the site of governance for both the province of the Mistlands and the rest of the country at large.

17 years before our story begins, Kraken was ruled by Farelia Aelia, a young Queen descended from the all-powerful Talia. Her family had held power for over seven hundred years, though of late their empire was shrinking. They had lost all their land in Varen (island not pictured) and now faced war from centuries-old foes. Sensing even the swords of her own subjects circling, Farelia fled high into the Arakil Mountains, a small band of trusted soldiers her only guard. And there, amid the screams of a winter storm, she met a violent end.

Rise of the Exiles, the first book in the series, begins with Marke Calin deciding to leave his home in Mist Rock. He has secured a prestigious place in the Golden Lance Academy, a school where boys can train in combat. One day, he hopes to fight in Varen against the saptors, a reptilian race long-exiled from the white shores of Kraken. But soon he will realise that his father’s troubled past can’t be easily buried. In fact, it seems the enemy intend to use it against him.

The nights are growing dark in the Mistlands, the clouds of war are starting to gather and Marke Calin comes to understand that though Farelia died seventeen years ago, she may have left something behind her.


Places of note:

Mist Rock-the capital city of Kraken and seat of its elected council. Founded in the year 557 as “Haven Rock”, later changed to its current name in the year 630 when the throne was moved there.

The Golden Lance Academy-one of a number of schools that trains boys to become guards of the realm. Founded in the year 1094 by Sir Tristen Lunn.

The Mistlands-One of the five provinces of Kraken. Part of what is considered “The North”. The borders stretch from the western roots of the Arakil mountains to the Bay of Splitstone in the east. Major urban centres include Mist Rock, the Narehold and Cadewall.

The Narelands-defined political area of the Mistlands ruled from the Narehold.

The Firststones-The oldest province in Kraken, the Firststones was the site where ships landed out of the west in the first year of recorded history. Major urban centres include Setninel Town, Tidefall and Farrahold.

The Leaflands-Part of “The North”, the Leaflands is a lush, wealthy province ruled from the city of Leril. Major urban centres also include Laurhold. The famous fortress, the Anvil, lies in the east of the province.

Greatbay-A large province in the South, extending west to the banks of the Navalior river. Major centres include Amarin, Barkwall and Streamhold.

The Green Eyes-the smallest province of Kraken, the Green Eyes is mostly used for agricultural purposes. Once populated by saptors, many of the urban landscapes now lay abandoned.

Amarin-Called the “port-city”, Amarin has both the highest population in Kraken and the greatest network of trade, operating shipping companies out of the Bay of Mardil.

The Arakil Mountains-a mountain range that dominates the northern half of the Mistlands. Immortalised on the province’s flag, the mountains are largely avoided because of disappearances over the years.

Arlien-a small island nation that swears fealty to Kraken. Ruled by the Arlien royal family.

Varen-A divided nation, Varen is the largest island landmass in the known world. A number of different tribes, city-states and trading ports surround the largely lifeless Sarsaril Desert.

The Navalior-The largest river in Kraken.

The White Blades-large mountain range in central Kraken.

Forest of Seercrown-a large forest that grows in the Firststones.