Chewsday-July 8th

It’s World Cup semi-final day, so today it’s a fact for each of Germany and Brazil.

Germany, in this World Cup, became the first team to reach 100 World Cup matches, which arrived emphatically when they mangled the Portuguese 4-0. Although one would think, but haven’t Italy won four World Cups and Brazil are better again with five, this does not come into play. This is because Germany have reached a record 12 semi-finals (touting Brazil’s 10). Although not always coming out on top, a place in the semi-final automatically guarantees a further match, which comes in the form of the third place play-off (which in 2010 Germany won). The Germans have only failed to reach the quarters once, back in 1938, but also didn’t participate in 1930 or 1950. Brazil have now reached their 100th match also, but credit to the Germans who were first to get there.

As for Brazil, much of the talk around the World Cup has focused on the extreme poverty of Brazilian cities. That being said, Brazil are actually the most expensive team in the competition, if we run on current market value. Their total player cost cashes in at around 508 million, which narrowly slips in over Spain who are 2 or 3 million lower. So with that it’s the clash of the competition’s most expensive team, versus the team with the most World Cup matches.

We will have to see whether Klose fires home his record beating goal against Ronaldo’s own Brazil tonight.


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