Some internet things for the bad days, and the wednesdays

1. Listverse –

This website name pretty much says it all. Top tens, famous fives (but no secret sevens… I think). From sport to movies, and from conspiracy theories to current affairs, this site has somebody compiling information on all. My personal favourites are lists in bizarre, simply because the people writing put a lot of effort into either accurately researching or else making up eerily complex plots.

Best recommended for: Writing blogs, researching simple topics or passing a satisfying half hour

Avoid: If you hate searching to find good material or are bothered by variation in the length of pieces.

2. Youtube Vsauce –

A youtube channel that regularly posts about various concepts ranging from the very theoretical physics to the very obscure nature of psychology. Each video runs about 6-10 minutes, and mostly starts off posting a very straightforward question but then delves deep into its foundations, bringing up suitable examples and summing up with a usually non-conclusive…conclusion.

Watch if: Need to waste a good deal of time without feeling overly guilty about refreshing facebook, want a comprehensive but enjoyable view on physics or science orientated concepts.

Stay away: have no interest in science or its branches, bored if videos run over 5 minutes.

3. Youtube-Cinema Sins –

A youtube channel that runs regular videos focusing on film mistakes, bloopers, faults or inconsistencies. Focuses mostly on films already out on DVD and in popular culture on an ongoing basis. Most videos last 7ish minutes with a counter keeping track of how sinful the movie is overall.

Works if: Like variety in your channel watches, like a wide range of film, can appreciate the humour in nit-picking artistic work or laughing at inconsistent yet reputable movies.

Don’t go there if: You hate whining, haven’t a working knowledge of film and celebrity figures or prefer constant and out loud laughter

4. Youtube – Screen junkies –

Mostly this channel runs honest trailer videos, or at least that’s where their biggest fan basis is. Again like above, there’s a whole host of movies examined and their trailers re-released with the film being subjected to light-hearted mockery. A run time of 3-4 minutes is normal, and the films used are mostly never bad. In fact it’s far more common for popular movies to appear and still receive good a good reception. This channel has that kind of knock on effect that can turn 3-4 minutes into an hour because of that though.

Try it if: You enjoy sarcasm and constant laughter, you have an hour to kill late at night, you like regular updates and newer movies used

Say no if: Jokes get old on you quick, you can’t take your favourite films getting a bad treatment

5. WORDPRESS-the blog world itself

Where else to get fresh writing on new and exciting topics that you don’t have to fumble for in a broadsheet newspaper or scour for on countless tv channels. WordPress offers unique ways to direct you to highly rated blogs or let you take your own initiative and search in areas you find fascinating. What pushes it ahead of other standard modes of internet entertainment is the ability to give back and join to a larger community, which is often lost on fan web pages or in the dust that is kicked up beneath the stamping feet of youtube trolls. Here there is a bit more order, but who’s to say that is ever a bad thing.

Sign up if:You’ve enjoyed blogs before or want a platform where you can rapidly find the topic you want more of a low down on.

Give it a skip when: Writing and wordy posts bore you or can’t hold you attention, you don’t see an area worth searching for continuously or find the results coming back are too broad and unreliable.